What is Divine Authority ID?

Divine Authority ID is a photo identification card for those who have chosen to establish their membership within an organization that honors fundamental principles and inherent unalienable basic rights within the scope of life, liberty, and property.

Sample design image, current card may vary slightly and has unique information.

The Divine Authority ID card is evidence that the bearer has made a conscious decision to NOT carry a government affiliated identity card.

As the originators of earthly government, we retain the right to withdraw our support from it if it no longer serves us and protects our liberty.

When the government no longer represents us, we have arrived at the conclusion that we would rather help build and form a new organization that honors essential liberties that are endowed by our Divine Authority and not by corrupt politicians.

A man-made and imperfect organization created for the sole purpose of protecting out rights, has betrayed us for the last time. To not allow us to “opt-out” of their tyrannical and corruped representative form of cleptocracy is to create political prisoners.

Living, breathing, Men and Women (not persons) are not artificial fictional entities and as such naturally have distinct natural differences from corporate entities or legal “persons” whom cannot breathe, they do not have a beating-heart, but a board-room that gives it life. At the very least, if liberties and essential rights of living men and women are to be relinquished, either for security or safety it can only be with fully-informed consent to relinquish any freedoms that originate within a higher authority than government’s authority; a Divine Authority. We are withdrawing our affiliation from the corrupted system only as a last-ditch evidence that we we no longer look to be governed from without, we choose to govern from within. When participation in a society has your implied consent, your affiliation and failure to evidence your severance from them allows them to continue to think that they can just poke needles in us or lock us up for violating orders that intentionally interfere with our ability to care for ourselves, feed ourselves and our families, it is time to evidence the fact that we have officially gone back to the principles of authority originating in a Divine realm, and not a realm ruled by men because we do not belong to them, we are children of God, made in his image.

We are not supposed to worship false idols or graven images, and with the Divine Authority ID card you can be sure that you are not worshipping a false idol in an altered corporate state of the union that only sees fictional persons and is unable to even deal with living, breathing men and women because they have all been incorporated into a system that only has jurisdiction over persons.

The most important thing about this card is that it is physical evidence that members have made a conscious decision to NOT be affiliated with government in a nice compact credit sized plastic card with multiple security features.

What’s in YOUR wallet?

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